Floating Button Widget

Floating Button

This widget appears like a floating chat button on the bottom of your web pages. This can be easily installed across ALL pages of your website, or just the individual pages you choose. 

If you want to include it on all your pages, just copy and paste the script in the header section of all your website pages. (recommended)

To install on just some pages, just copy and paste the script in the pages you want this widget to appear. 

Once installed, you can control the styling and behavior of this widget right there in the widget section of the dashboard. Just a note, the ability to customize this widget is for paid plans only. To customize, you'll need to upgrade to any paid plan. 

Things you can customize are:

  • Button Color
  • Icon/Font Color
  • Icon Type
  • Multi-Inbox On/Off
  • Button Text On/Off
  • Widget Placement

System Requirements

Please note, this widget MUST be embedded on secure HTTPS pages, as most modern browsers prohibit the use of microphones and cameras on non-HTTPS connections, due to security reasons.

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