Free Hobby Plan

Signing up for a PodInbox as a fan is totally FREE! 

Your account plan is actually our free Hobby plan. So if you're a fan, but also a podcaster or're getting a LOT more than you bargained for...all for FREE!

What Comes with Free Hobby Plan?

Here's what comes with your free Hobby plan:

  • 1 free customizable fan page
  • ability to receive unlimited audio messages 
  • ability to receive fan donations

It's a pretty full-featured account...and it's free forever! 

The only way we make money is we take a small percentage (5% fee) on all fan donations, if you activate the monetization feature. So, we only make money when you make money. 

Also, this free Hobby account doesn't include some of our premium features...which are:

  • lead capture
  • unlimited contacts
  • unlimited team members
  • embeddable widgets
  • multiple inboxes
  • inbox welcome videos

If you ever want to upgrade to a paid account, no problem! 

Just head to the "plan" tab under "accounts" and select a paid plan that's right for you!

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