Give Donations & Message Tips

PodInbox makes it really easy for fans to give one-time donations and tips to their favorite podcasters. These easy donations are collected on a creator's PodInbox fan page. 

If a podcaster activated monetization on their PodInbox fan page, then you'll have options to give to the show simply by using your credit card. Currently, there are 2 forms of donations: general donations and message tips. 

General Donations

General donations are simply donations you give to the show owner. Although we often call these "donations", they aren't actually tax-deductible donations. It's just a term we use for fans to support the show financially. 

It's super easy to give a general donation.

  1. Navigate to a podcast's PodInbox fan page.
  2. If the podcast has monetization turned "on", you'll see 4 payment buttons under "superfans". 
  3. Click on one of the suggested amounts or click on the "..." button to enter a custom amount
  4. Confirm the amount, enter your credit card details, and click submit. 

That's've just become a supporter and superfan of the show!

Message Tips

Message tips are tips you can give directly to messages. Let's say you left an audio message and really wanted to bring some attention to it from the show owner. With message tips, you can tip your message some money. This will alert the show owner...and hopefully, grab their attention! There's no guarantee what a message tip will result we encourage you to give out of appreciation and generosity. 

As easy as it is to leave a message tip on your own message, you can also leave a message tip on someone else's message. Just note, ALL tips go to the show owner, not to other fans of the show. 


No matter if you leave General Donations or Message Tips, all your financial support will be accumulated up to your total support for the show. This total is used to define your superfan ranking on the show's leaderboard. This is just a fun way to reward the show's top supporters with some much-deserved recognition!

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