On the show tab, here is where you can add and toggle “off” shows.

If you have a free Hobby or Pro plan, you only get 1 show, so you’ll have to upgrade to our business plan to get additional shows.

If you have a Business plan, you can add up to 3 shows.

If you need more than 3 shows, then contact us as we have a Network plan we can customize for your needs.

Toggling “off” a Show

If you no longer want your fan page to be public, you can toggle off a show. This will hide everything on your fan page, including the show name, cover art, links, monetization, inboxes, and messages.

Once you toggle “off a show, it’ll no longer be available on your dashboard until you toggle it back “on”.

Deleting a Show

Currently, there is no way to “delete” a show.

If you no longer want to keep a show, we recommend you either toggle it off, or change the show details to a brand new show.

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