Adding a Team Member

Adding a team member is easy. Only show Owners can remove a team member.

  • click on “team members” on the main menu
  • click “add a team member”
  • enter the email of your desired team member
  • we’ll email that person a team invite to join your PodInbox show.

If that team member already has a PodInbox account, they’ll just be automatically added and have access to your show when they login.

If that team member doesn’t have a PodInbox account, they’ll need to follow the link in the invite email to sign up for a free account, to join your show team. If the team member never received their email, you can always resent that invite email by clicking the cog icon and clicking “resend invite”.

If a team member wants to use a different email address than the one you invited them with, no problem. Just sign up first with the invited email address, then after signing up, they can always change their email address to their desired one under “account” on the main menu.

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