Any fans who engage with you on your PodInbox fan page are captured as part of your Contacts list. With PodInbox, we believe your contacts should also belong to you.

This feature is so you can know exactly who your superfans are, and to let you contact them directly or add them to your newsletter lists.

If you don’t have a newsletter or a contact list yet, this is a great way to start one!

Here are the types of ways a fan might engage on your page that will get them added to your list:

  • Leaving a message
  • Leaving a tip of any kind
  • Liking a message

We’ll always give you their email, as that’s always required from your fans for them to engage. We’ll also give you their name, Twitter, and Instagram handles if they filled out their personal profile.

On this contacts table, you can search Contacts by name, filter by social media, and sort by total donated or messages submitted.

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