Whenever your fans make a donation, they are accumulating points on your leaderboard.

We’re one of the only fan engagement platforms that gamify our fan donations system, and the leaderboard is at the core of how we gamify it.

Any fan who makes even the minimum contribution of $1 will immediately be added to your leaderboard. We set this low limit minimum to help activate all your fans. These low-barrier micropayments are what help create some initial excitement for your fan in becoming a show supporter.

Once they’ve contributed something, we log that fan in your dashboard as a Contact...and you can nudge them in many ways to contribute more and more.

As that fan continues to donate more, we accumulate all their donations into their overall sum as your Superfan.

Don’t underestimate this leaderboard. It’s a really fun way for fans to compete in being your top superfan!

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