PodInbox lets podcasters and creators accept fan donations and tips from their fans!

As creators, we all put a lot of work into creating great content. So, this is a great way to ask your superfans for some monetary support!

What makes our fan monetization platform different from other platforms is we focus on flat 1-time payments...while other platforms focus on monthly subscriptions and memberships. While it’s nice to earn recurring donations, a lot of fans want to control their donations on their own time schedule. That said, we’ll be launching a recurring donation feature soon enough!

Currently, with PodInbox, there are 2 primary ways a superfan can make a donation:

  • General Donation
  • Message Tips

General Donation

If a fan wants to leave a donation, all they need to do is click one of the donation amounts located in the middle of your fan page. All they do is...

  • Click on a suggested amount
  • Confirm their credit card details
  • And presto...you’ve been paid!
  • You immediately get notified of all new payments and the supporter gets a thank you email.

It’s super easy to donate, and new supporters immediately get added to your leaderboard and contacts list.

Message Tips

Fans can also leave tips on specific messages. This can open up some creative ways for you to incentivize fans to leave tips! Maybe you feature questions on your Q&A episodes when fans tip you $20. It’s up to your creativity! To leave a message tip...

  • Click on the $ icon on any message
  • Select a suggested amount
  • Confirm credit card details
  • And presto...a new tip is added to a message!
  • You immediately get notified of the message tip and the supporter gets a thank you email.
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