Your inboxes are where your fans submit audio messages on your fan page. These inboxes are totally customizable. Also, you can create multiple inboxes if you want to create specific ones for different purposes.

We always start out every fan page with 1 default inbox, “Ask Me Anything”. You can totally edit this inbox with whatever fits your show, by clicking the pencil icon to edit.

Here, there are 4 main things you can include in your inbox...

Welcome Video

Upload or record a welcome video for your inbox, so you can greet your fans and tell them to leave a message or a tip. If you record, make sure to select a good camera as your input source,

Inbox Name

This is usually a short title to let fans know what type of message you’re looking for. Some great examples we’ve seen are: “Ask Me a Question”, “Tell Your Story”, “Monthly Question”, “Give Your Feedback”.

Inbox Description

Here, you can give more details of the types of messages you’d appreciate for this inbox. Some things to include might be the length of messages you prefer, what you do with the messages, etc.

Recording Prompt

Here, you can customize what you want your record button to say. Good options are “record a message”, “leave a message”, “ask your question”, “leave feedback”, “share your story”. Just keep it short and make it actionable!

Private Messages

We let you keep your message submissions private. If the “make messages private” checkbox is checked, we hide all the messages submitted for that inbox.

We definitely recommend keeping all messages public, as this makes fan engagement with you, and with other fans, social and fun.

Adding Multiple Inboxes

If you have more than 1 type of audio message you want from fans, you might want to create separate inboxes to keep the submissions organized. One popular strategy is to keep questions separate from fan stories.

Some podcasters even have a different question of the month, where they’ll keep editing that separate inbox to receive their question of the month submissions.

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