Fan Page Details

Your fan page details include 4 things.

  1. Cover image
  2. Public URL
  3. Show title
  4. Welcome Video

Cover Image

Upload your podcast cover art here.

Public URL

This is the vanity URL of your PodInbox page, where fans will engage with you.

  • Your public URL will look something like:
  • You can change your public URL anytime!
  • We recommend picking a public URL that’s easy to remember for your fans
  • If your public URL is already taken, you’ll have to choose another one.

Show Title

This is simply, the name of your podcast.

If you’re using PodInbox as a creator, and not as a podcast, then this is whatever your fans know you as.

Welcome Video

Upload a welcome video to greet your fans. We support both landscape and portrait video layouts, but we really recommend uploading a high-quality portrait video taken from your phone for best results. 

When you upload a video, we automatically create your circular video avatar button, which appears prominently on your PodInbox fan page. When a fan clicks on your video avatar, it'll display your full-sized video as a popup with sound. 

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