Customize Your Fan Page

Customizing your Fan Page is super easy and can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.

Since every podcast show is different, you’ll want to customize how you’d like to engage with fans for your show.

To start customizing your page, just login to your Dashboard, and click “fan page” on the main menu.

Here, you can customize all these main elements of your fan page.

Show Details

  • This includes your show title, cover image, and public URL.
  • Your public URL will look something like:
  • You can change your public URL anytime!
    • We recommend picking a public URL that’s easy to remember for your fans


  • Listen On Links are all the links to your podcast on the popular listening platforms.
  • Links are all the social links where fans can find you.


  • The inbox is where you prompt your fans to record their messages
  • Everything in our inbox(es) is completely customizable, including...
    • Welcome Video
    • Inbox Name
    • Description
    • Recording Prompt
  • You can create separate inboxes on your fan page for different purposes.
  • Inboxes can be set to private, which hides all fan messages for that inbox.

If you want to include monetization on your fan page...simply click on “monetization” on the main menu, and activate monetization on your fan page.

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