Your PodInbox Fan Page is where your fans will leave you audio messages and fan donations. So, you’ll want to customize this page to welcome your fans! Here’s a sample page that’s all filled out...

It’s super simple to set up this page...and should take less than 15 minutes.

There are 2 main ways your fans can engage with you on your PodInbox Fan Page.

Audio Messages

Fans can easily leave audio messages right on your fan page.

All they need to do is hit the record button, and they can start recording directly from the browser. Nothing to download or install.

Once they’re done recording, they can preview their message before hitting submit. They can even select a different mic input for higher-quality sound.

After submitting, their message will be viewable on the public feed (if your inbox is public)...and you’ll get a notification that you have a new message in your inbox!

Since messages are public by default, fans can listen to and like each other’s messages.

Fan Donations

Our monetization feature lets fans easily give you tips and donations! It’s a great way to both earn money AND give your fans a way to show their love and support.

Making donations as a fan couldn’t be easier on PodInbox. All they need to do is click your suggested amount, or even submit their custom amount. Once their amount is selected, they just enter a credit card...and presto, they’ve submitted a payment!

Our leaderboard lets you recognize your top supporters, giving your superfans something to brag about.

We even have message tips, where fans can leave tips on messages. This is a great way to let fans draw more attention to their messages!

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