Account Settings

On your dashboard, you can click on the main menu item "account" to see all your account settings.

Here's a brief summary of all the account settings options.


Here's where you can update your account's email address and password


Here's where you can opt-in or opt-out of email notifications


On this tab, you can see your plan, billing details, and payment history. Some things you can do here are:

  • Change your plan
    • This lets you upgrade or downgrade your plan. 
    • This also lets you change your plan term between monthly or yearly. 
    • When you change your plan, your new plan term will start immediately, and any unused time from your old plan will be credited to the cost of your new plan. 
  • Update your credit card
    • This lets you change the credit card we're using to bill your account.
  • View and download invoices
    • All your past payments and invoices are downloadable in PDFs
  • Cancel your account plan
    • When you cancel your account, your subscription continues until the end of your current paid term. We don't refund you credit for any unused time in your subscription. 
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