The Contacts screen is where you'll see a list of all your fans who have interacted with your fan page. Whenever a fan leaves you a message or even likes a message, we help capture that contact for you by logging them on this list. 

This is a great way to know exactly who your podcast fans are and lets you build a contact list of fans. 

Here are some things you can do on this Contacts screen:

View Contact Name and Email

All registered fans who interact with your fan page by submitting or liking a message will be logged in your contacts list. You will always have the full name and email of every contact we help you capture. 

View Twitter and Instagram Handles

If fans provided their Twitter or Instagram handles in their profiles, we pass on this info to you when we capture the contact's details. 

View Message Count

We log the total number of messages a fan has ever left you, and we display it in the message count column. 

Delete a Contact

We give you the option of deleting contacts off your list. Be careful with this delete function since we completely remove the contact record from this contact list and this can't be undone. Deleting a contact from this contact list does not delete any of their messages left on your fan page. 

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