Fan Page

Every podcast using PodInbox has a fan page for their podcast show. This is where fans go to interact with your record and leave you audio messages. 

You'll want to customize your fan page with relevant details about your show, and this is where you would edit your fan page details. 

Here are the main elements of your fan page that you can customize...

Cover Image

  • We recommend you use the official cover image of your podcast, so that your fans can immediately recognize your brand.
  • We support JPG or PNG files. 
  • We recommend uploading a square picture with a resolution of at least 1000px x 1000px. If you upload a photo that's vertical or horizontal, we'll automatically crop it into a square. 

Public URL

  • This is the URL for your PodInbox fan page where you'll tell your listeners to visit. 
  • We let you customize your vanity URL to something easy for your audience to remember, like: 
  • You can change this vanity URL as many times as you want, but we recommend keeping it consistent as your old vanity URLs won't redirect to your new one. 

Show Title

  • We recommend using the official title of your podcast, so that your fans can immediately recognize your brand. 

Show Website

  • If you have a website for your podcast, we recommend you enter it here. 
  • This will link your podcast Show Title to your podcast website. 

Inbox Details

  • Your inbox details are all the elements pertaining to your audio inbox...which is everything within the box container on your fan page. Different podcast shows will want an inbox for different purposes, so we let you customize your inbox to however you want your audience to engage with you. 

Welcome Video

  • The welcome video is a way for you to greet your fans with a video on your PodInbox fan page. 
  • We recommend using this as an opportunity to ask your fans to leave a message and tell them the type of message you want them to leave. 

Inbox Name

  • The inbox name appears as the title of your inbox container. 
  • The default copy is "Ask Me Anything", but you can type whatever you want within 50 characters long. 

Inbox Description

  • The inbox description is the paragraph right below the inbox name. Here, you'll want to give your fans some direction on what type of audio messages you want them to leave. 
  • The default copy is "We'd love to hear from you. Please leave a question and ask me anything!". We recommend keeping this paragraph short, even though there's no character limit. 

Recording Prompt

  • The recording prompt is the text inside the box located just left of the record button. 
  • The default copy is "record your message" but you can customize this to whatever phrase you want. 
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