Your Inbox is where you'll receive and view all your audio messages. 

This list of audio messages is a lot like the list of audio messages on your fan page, but with a lot more tools and options to help manage all your messages. Here are some of the things you can do in your Inbox...

Filter Message

The two main tabs let you view your messages based on All or Archived messages. When you view the Archived tab, this just shows you all the messages you've archived. Archiving messages helps you clean up messages from your public fan page, without completely deleting the message. 

Sort Messages

We let you sort your messages by recent (most recent message on top) or by popular (most liked messages on top).

Play messages

All messages can be played by clicking on the play button on the fan's profile pic. You can also jump to different parts of the audio by moving the play head to different times in the audio file. 

Downloading messages

Clicking the download icon downloads the MP3 file onto your computer. 

Deleting messages

Deleting a message completely removes that message from the system, and all related likes and replies. Be careful with this delete function as this can't be undone and we won't be able to retrieve the file and any related data. 

Archiving messages

Archiving is a safe alternative to delete, as this removes the message from your fan page without actually deleting it. You can always unarchive a message by clicking on the Archived tab and clicking on the folder icon to unarchive that message. Using archive is a great way to organize your messages and make them more manageable. 

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