Account Dashboard

Once you log in to your free account, you'll have access to your Dashboard. In summary, your Dashboard is where you can manage all your show settings (optional), view messages sent, view podcasts you've supported, edit your profile, and manage your account settings. 

Navigate to your Dashboard by clicking on your profile pic on the upper right, and click "Dashboard". 

Here's a brief summary of each of the main menu items:

Show Settings

On the main menu, you'll see 5 menu options (inbox, fan page, monetization, contacts, team members). These are all the options for your 1 free fan page. If you never plan on having a fan page, don't'll never have to interact with these options. 

If you're a creator and also want to engage your fans with audio messages and fan donations, then use these menu options to customize your fan page. As a free account user, there are several things here that you won't have access to until you upgrade to a paid account. These things are contacts, team members, multiple inboxes, and welcome videos. Once you're ready to upgrade, just click on "account", and you can upgrade to a paid account on the plan tab. 

Messages Sent

This is a log of all the messages you've left for any podcast show on PodInbox. This is a convenient place to see all your messages at a glance, instead of having to remember and find your messages on the various podcast pages. This is also where you can delete messages you've left, and see if any podcasters have replied to your message. 


This section logs all the shows you've given donations to, your donation activity, and your donation payment method. If you never donate to any shows, don't worry, you're not obligated to. But if you do appreciate some shows and they're accepting tips and donations, we make it super easy and fun for podcast fans to donate to their favorite shows!

My Profile

This is where you'd edit your public profile. Here, you can upload your profile pic, fill out your name, display name, and social media handles. If you don't want to share your real name in public, you can always define a display name that's different from your real name. Whenever you leave a message on a public fan page, we'll show your display name next to all your messages, 


This is where you'd manage your account settings, like your login credentials, notification settings, and upgrade account. If you ever decide that you want to switch from a free fan account to a paid creator account, just use the upgrade account tab and follow the directions to upgrade your account to a paid version. 

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