Perks Templates

To help you create your own customized Perks, we offer a growing library of Perks Templates to help you get started. 

You can think of these templates as a starting point and a source of inspiration. When you use a template, we populate all the fields of your new Perk. You can always edit any of the fields to make the Perk relevant to you and your fans. 

To view and add the templates, simply...

  • Navigate to Perks in your Dashboard
  • Click the "Add a Perk" button

This should open a popup modal to view all the Perks Templates. Here, you can either start with a blank template or choose a Perk from our template library. 

When you click "Use This Template", it'll populate the fields of a new Perk with the fields of our template. Here, you can customize the fields however you want to click "Save Perk". When your new Perk is saved, it will be saved in "draft" mode. You can then toggle it to "published" when you're ready.  

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