Receive Audio Messages

PodInbox makes it really easy for fans to record and send audio messages to their favorite podcasters. These audio recordings are done on a podcast's PodInbox fan page. 

Fans visiting the podcast fan page can record audio from any major desktop and mobile browser. No app downloads are needed. The only thing that's required is the user must register for a free PodInbox fan account. This helps us limit abuse and spam in the podcaster's audio inbox. 

Podcast Fan Page

Every podcaster using PodInbox has a fan page. This podcast fan page is at a URL like: This is where fans go to record messages and see a list of everyone's public messages. 

Recording an Audio Message

  1. Fans visit your PodInbox fan page.
  2. Press the record button, this should activate your microphone. 
  3. Then press "start recording".
  4. Wait for the 3-second countdown timer for the recording to begin.
  5. Then record your audio message, and press "stop recording" when they're done.
  6. Now, they can preview your message, or press "save recording".
  7. When you press "save recording", wait a moment for the audio upload to finish.
    • If they're not logged in, they'll be prompted to login or sign up, since only registered fans can leave messages. 

That's it! Once a fan leaves a message, we'll automatically notify the podcaster that there's a new message in the inbox. 

Max Recording Time

Currently, the max recording time is 5 minutes. Once it hits 5 minutes, it should automatically stop recording. 

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