Purchasing a Perk

We make it easy for any visitor to your fan page to purchase your Active perks. 

Once a fan purchases a perk, they'll have access to their purchased perk in 3 areas...

  • In their purchase confirmation email
  • On your fan page
  • In their dashboard

Purchase Confirmation Email
Right when a fan purchases a perk, we send them a confirmation email showing them the perk name, unlocked perk description, and the claim perk button (if it exists). 

On Your Fan Page
If a fan is on your fan page and logged into their account, they'll be able to view all the active perks they've purchased right on your fan page. 

In Their Dashboard
Fans will always have access to their purchased perks on the dashboard. In the dashboard, under the "supporting" section, they'll see all the fan pages they've supported, and any purchased perks under each fan page. Clicking the number of perks purchased will open a popup window with all the perks they've purchased. 

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