Perks Statuses - Published, Draft, Archived

There are 3 possible statuses for your added perks...published, draft, archived. Here's a brief description of each. 

Perks that are active and published will appear on your fan page. They can be purchased by any fan who visits your fan page. 

These perks won't show up on your fan page. You can always set a published perk back to draft...this will hide it on the fan page. Draft mode makes it easy for you to set up your perk, when you're not quite ready to publish it yet. It's an effective way to queue up your ideas before hitting publish. 

Archived perks, like drafts, don't appear on the fan page. The only real difference between archived perks and drafts is they're all organized separately on your dashboard. We do this to help you focus on your "active" perks. Archived perks can always be edited and always be unarchived as well.

Another important thing to note is you can not "delete" a perk. We do this so that fans who have purchased perks can ALWAYS access that perk, even when it's in archived or draft status. If you no longer want to see your perk, we recommend you just archive it. 

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