Adding a Perk

Adding a perk is very simple. There are 2 main ways to add a perk...use one of our perks templates or create one from scratch. 

With either method, your perk is totally customizable. 

To add a new Perk, simply...

  • Login to your PodInbox Dashboard
  • Click Perks on the Main Menu
  • Click the Add Perk Button

Now, a modal should pop up, letting you add a perk from scratch, or use one of our templates to start. Once again, either way, your perk is fully customizable. 

Once you select an option, a side drawer should open with the Add Perk form. 

Perk Image

  • This is an optional field
  • We recommend an image 1000px (width) by 500px (height)

Perk Title

  • This is the name of the perk you're offering

Description of Perk

  • This is the full description of your perk. 


  • The price you're selling your perk for. 

Unlocked Perk

  • This is what the purchaser receives after buying your perk. 
  • The purchaser will gain access to this description and they will also receive it immediately in an email. 

Claim Perk Button

  • Most perks are digital goods of some sort, vs physical products. 
  • You can use this button to provide a link to claim your actual perk. 
  • You can customize the button label and the link URL. 
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