If you're having some trouble with a widget working on your website, here are some tips to help resolve those issues.

The WordPress plugin isn't working

Please make sure you're just copying and pasting the "Show ID" into Step 1 of the WordPress plugin

I embedded the widget code on my website. The widget is showing up, but it's not working

Sometimes, there could be a javascript conflict with our code snippet and some other javascript that exists on your website. To test for this, let's first make sure our widget code is working for your PodInbox account in a "clean" environment. If it's working, then you may need to ask your webhost to help troubleshoot the conflict. 

  1. Open (this is the "clean" environment we can use to test our PodInbox code snippet)
  2. Copy your PodInbox widget code from your PodInbox dashboard
  3. Paste your PodInbox widget code into the HTML section on Codepen
  4. Test the PodInbox widget in the Codepen preview area
If the widget works on Codepen, then there's probably a conflict with some other javascript file on your webpage. If so, there's very little we can do to help resolve that, since we can't really debug our user's websites. 
I have a Wix website, and the widget isn't working on it
Unfortunately, it looks like Wix wraps 3rd party widgets in their own controlled iframe, which doesn't allow access to some browser APIs that our widget requires. In our case, our widget needs access to the browser's microphone (we need it to record audio). Please contact Wix customer support to see if there's a way for them to help with this. 
I've tried everything, but the widgets still aren't working
Please email us at will a full description of your issue, and we'll take a look!
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