Fan Page Welcome Video

When fans first come to your PodInbox fan page, it's good to make them feel welcomed!

Your fans are looking to connect with you, the podcaster. They're used to hearing your voice, and they'd really appreciate a personal greeting and guidance when arriving at your PodInbox fan page.

For this reason, we have a feature we call...the fan page welcome video.

With this feature, you can show a video prominently on your fan page. 

This video is super effective, cause it'll likely be the FIRST thing a fan notices when they arrive at your PodInbox fan page. Because on your page, they'll see this prominent animated button that we call...your  video avatar. This video avatar is a muted version of your actual video, so fans will be compelled to click it. When they do, they'll see a popup of your full-sized video welcoming them to your page.

Best Practices

We really recommend uploading a welcome video to greet your fans, and in your video, let them know how to best engage with you. 

To upload a fan page welcome video, just login to your PodInbox dashboard, and click on "fan page" on the main menu. There on the "details" tab, you can now upload your welcome video. When you upload a video, we automatically create your circular video avatar button, which appears prominently on your PodInbox fan page. When a fan clicks on your video avatar, it'll display your full-sized video as a popup with sound. 

These videos support both portrait and landscape layouts, but we'd suggest creating portrait videos with your phone camera, maximizing your presence in the video, for best results! 

Also, videos can be no longer than 1-minute long.

Currently, these videos are only supported on the paid Pro and Business plans...not on the free Hobby plan.

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