Mailchimp Integration

With our Mailchimp integration, you can now sync your PodInbox contacts to your Mailchimp audience. 

This makes it VERY easy for you to use PodInbox to capture your email newsletter leads, and leverage Mailchimp to send out your newsletters to your fans. 

Connecting Your Mailchimp Account

The first thing to know is that this is a Pro & Business feature for paid accounts. With free accounts, we are capturing ALL those contacts for you already. But to view and access those contacts, you'll need to upgrade to a paid account. 

To connect your Mailchimp account should take less than 1 minute. 

  • Login to your PodInbox dashboard
  • Click Contacts on the main menu
  • Click on the Integrations tab
  • Click "Connect Mailchimp" button
    • This should take you through the Mailchimp flow of securely logging into your Mailchimp account
    • Once you authorize PodInbox, you should return to the PodInbox integrations tab
  • Select the audience you want to sync and click the "Save" button

That's it!

Now, whenever you receive a new contact in PodInbox, that contact should be automatically pushed to your designated Mailchimp audience.

Edit Mailchimp Connection

If at any time you want to change your Mailchimp audience, just click the "edit" button and select your new audience. 

Now, your PodInbox contacts will start syncing with your newly defined Mailchimp audience. 

Export to Mailchimp

Let's say you've already collected a bunch of contacts in PodInbox, and THEN you decide to connect your Mailchimp audience. No problem. Just click the "Export" button, and this will push ALL your PodInbox show's contacts into your defined Mailchimp audience. 

Please keep in mind that if you keep exporting the same list of PodInbox contacts into the same Mailchimp audience, don't worry, we do not duplicate contacts in your Mailchimp audience list. 

Troubleshooting & Issues

Sometimes, there will be contacts in your PodInbox contacts list that's not synced over to your Mailchimp audience. 

Don't worry, this is normal and not a bug. At PodInbox, we capture EVERY contact that we possibly can who engages with your PodInbox account. Mailchimp, however, will sometimes choose to block email addresses they see as "spam". So let's say you have 10 contacts you want to export to Mailchimp. Sometimes, Mailchimp might only import 9, with the rationale that 1 email address looks like spam. 

There's really nothing you can do about this other than identifying that 1 email address and manually entering it into your Mailchimp account. 

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