Archive a Reward

If you create a reward, and you no longer want to have that reward, you have the option to archive that reward. 

The reason we don't allow delete is that if a fan has already unlocked a reward, we want to keep that reward there for them as a reference. If we allowed delete, it might cause some confusion and frustration for your fans. 

With this archive feature, we're allowing the podcaster to disable it for future fans to unlock. 

So let's say 50 of your fans have unlocked your Level 3 Reward...a 1-on-1 Zoom Call, and you might be thinking 50 Zoom calls is pretty much your limit. You can then archive this reward level to prevent any other fans from earning this exact reward, while preserving this reward for fans who did unlock it already. 


Be careful with archiving rewards, as they can NON be set back to "active" or "draft" once they're archived. 

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