Adding Rewards

As you learned, Reward Levels are a fun way to activate your podcast fans and incentivize them to continuously support your podcast. 

In the PodInbox dashboard, you can add as many Reward Levels as you want, although we really do recommend having no more than 6 - 8 active reward levels at a time. Once you start getting too many, you might want to archive some to make room for any new ones. 

To add a new Reward Level, simply...

  • Login to your PodInbox Dashboard
  • Click Monetization on the Main Menu
  • Click on the Reward Tab
  • Click the Add Reward Button

Now, the side drawer should pop out, letting you fill in the details of your new Reward Level. 

Here, there should be 4 main fields to fill out. ALL the fields are required. 

Reward Name
This is the name of your reward. This can be no more than 50 characters, so please make it interesting...but short. 

Reward Description
This tells your fans what the reward is. We recommend describing what they'll unlock once they reach this donation level, to encourage them to reach the reward. 

Minimum Amount
This is the minimum dollar amount a fan will have to donate to unlock this reward. We say minimum, cause even if the fan's total donations exceed this amount, they will have unlocked this reward. 

Please note, that no 2 active rewards can have the same minimum amount. But, you can have an active reward with the same minimum amount as an archived reward. 

Unlocked Description
This is the message your fan will receive after they unlock this reward. The fan will see this custom message both in the app and via email. They'll see this message immediately upon unlocking the reward, and they'll also have access to this reward on their fan dashboard, under the "supporting" main menu link. 

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