Message Tips

Our Message Tips feature let's anyone attach a monetary tip to any Audio Message. 

One a Show has monetization connected and activated, every Audio Message will have a dollar sign icon that opens up a UI to leave a Message Tip. The suggested donation options in this UI is the same suggested donation options you set in your monetization settings. 

It's worth noting that ALL message tips go to the Show Owner...not to the fan who left that audio message. We say this because any fan can leave a message to any tip, which can be a bit confusing when you're a fan leaving a tip on another person's audio message. Well, rest assured that that tip flows directly to the Show Owner. 

Fans love message tips because it's a great way to draw some attention to their audio message and to show you some appreciation! 

Some ideas for incentivizing message tips, include...

  • Doing shout outs on your show based on message tips
  • Answering fan questions on your show based on message tips
  • Answer directly on PodInbox for questions with message tips
  • Play fan ad reads on your show when they attach a message tip
  • Share a listener story on an episode when they leave a message tip

We look forward to seeing how you'll create some fun campaigns combining fan audio messages with message tips! 

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