Reward Level 1

Our Reward Level 1 is a special Reward Level, because...

  • it exists by default
  • it can't be archived
  • its minimum amount can't be changed

The reason we have a special Reward Level 1 is to encourage fans to start supporting you with a VERY limited barrier to entry. We call this step "activating your fans". One dollar is not much, but it encourages fans to take some small action. The moment they do, they convert from a passive listener into an active superfan, and we help capture their info for you.

You can, however, edit the Reward Description and the Unlocked Description. We do encourage you to edit these 2 fields. Be creative and use your own words to speak to your fans! Your Reward Description will be the hook that encourages your fans to give support. Your Unlocked Description will be what's revealed to them after they unlock that reward. 

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